The Aesthetic Appeal of Moon Phase Watches

Moon-phase watches are among the most popular luxury watches. A moon-phase watch displays the phases of the moon on its dial. You get more than just the time of day when you wear one of these stylish pieces that bring back memories of yesteryear when watches were the height of fashion and elegance.

A moon phase watch is a watch that will display the actual “moon phases”. So it will tell you when the moon is new or full and all the phases in between. This is usually a feature in higher end watches. Yes, the moon-phase is a complication that I find totally useless, from a practical standpoint. However, from an aesthetic standpoint, it is also one of the nicest complications a wristwatch can have, in my humble opinion. The main reason that a person will have a moon phase watch is for show. It makes an interesting feature on a watch, and may be seen as a mark of an expensive or elaborate time piece.

Most of the luxury watch moonphase complications feature either a “bosom” moonphase (so named for the shape of its aperture) or a radial moonphase with indicator hand. When the last crescent sliver of the waning moon disappears from view, the first sliver of the waxing moon is preparing to emerge from the opposite side of the window. Among watches featuring a moonphase display, the bosom style is most common. “Radial” moonphase displays feature a conventional hand that traces the roughly 29.5 full lunar cycle. Due to the inverse relationship of moon age in the northern and southern hemispheres, the radial moonphase easily can be configured with a double-sized hand that indicates the phase and age of the moon in both hemispheres.

The beautiful display of the moon phase cycle will differ in various best replica watches uk. Often times we see the moon phase display in bright and vibrant colors, adding bursts of color to the dial of the timepiece, but not always. Some Swiss watch brands take a more subtle approach, with the moon phase indicator blending in with the dial color. Today, Moon phase complications are considered more of an aesthetic choice than a complication of intrinsic utility, and watch brands are getting more and more creative at replacing the classic yellow gold moon set against a starry blue night sky with colourful, lively renditions of our satellite.

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