Swiss Watches: Reviews on Panerai Luminor Collection

replica panerai luminor
replica panerai luminor

For the PANERAI LUMINOR, there are two types: history version and modern version. When it comes to the history version, there can also be divided into two categories: OP movement type and the P movement type. Here we are going to talk about the P movement Panerai Luminor wrist watches. For the P movement watches, they are all carrying with the Panerai new developed P.5000 movements, whose biggest characteristic is eight days of super-long dynamic storage, and the difference from the P.2002 movement is that this Panerai new developed P.5000 movement has only two springs boxes, so it is much slimmer than the P.2002 movement. So populist watch series along with such powerful watch movement, not only makes the Panerai Luminor watches become the most competitive long power dynamic storage in the market, but also is a good fortune for the Panerai watches fans.

Now the Luminor series of the P movement have seven watches, among which there are three Base watches and four Marina watches. In view of the Marina has small second dish to make it much more practical, so we decide to choose from Marina series, 511 is red gold and too expensive; 563 is white dial without sandwich panel; Last remaining is 510 and 564 with the 510 stainless steel material and 564 titanium alloy material, and the 510 type is made at 2013, 564 is the new watch of this year, and 510 sold for 6400 Euros, 564 for 6800 euro, exactly want steel or titanium, you can make your choice according to your actual condition.

No matter which watch you are to buy among the replica Panerai Luminor watches, just make sure that you have made the right decision to satisfy your needs and ensure the Luminor replica you are to purchase it worth your money.

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