Swiss Watches: Reviews on Cartier Tank Watches

When Louis Cartier in 1917 draw the outline of the first Tank wrist watch, he broke the shackles of the round watchcase, presenting the new and harmonious design. A century later, elegant charm of Tank watch is as usual and it is perfect. And then wrist watch in the 20th century began to rise, and gradually robbed the pocket watch market (even though the Swiss export statistics shows that, until 1930, the popularity of wrist watch is the same as the pocket watch). From the pocket watch to watch, it gave birth to the new design concept and a variety of different solutions, and some successful design scheme stood out from the crowd.

More than one hundred years ago, it was not easy to connect the round watchcase and straight strap in the form of beautiful design. The focus of the problem lied in the design of the junction, and it needed to ensure the continuity of the case and strap. Louis Cartier (1875-1942) began to look for the answer. He can look at the issue from the perspective of a jeweler, predicted that the future of the wrist watch is in the accessories. He also has a keen insight, and joined hands with Edmond Jaeger. Edmond Jaeger is a brilliant watchmaker, and experienced in the production of small-specification movement.

In 1917, the first Tank wrist watch. After the World War I, Cartier gifted the prototype watch to John Pershing, who in the World War I was the American expeditionary force commander. It is said that the new wrist watch linked with another invention that year, Renault’s tanks, and it is Louis Cartier himself.

In 1919, the Cartier Tank watch listed on sale. And the watch case is square, on behalf of the tank body; both sides of the vertical watch ear, on behalf of the tank track, provided the ingenious way to connect the watch strap. Roman numeral timing scales, rail type minute scales, blue steel pointer, and Mosaic convex circular sapphire crystal winding crown, this groundbreaking design continued inheritance, until now.

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