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No hype and no huge advertising, quietly, at the hurried Geneva Watch Show at the beginning of 2016, at the such luxury watch salon on the Cartier Booth. Behind the brand new Cartier Drive De Cartier, the iconic presence in Cartier watch collection is quietly reinvented and the brand new Santos 100 is released. Of course, if just because the appearance of what are the same as the previous models, but added some new colors for the consumer to choose, then there is nothing necessary to say indeed…However, everything is different when we know that the movement is the brand new home-made movement that is first debuted.

Strictly speaking, the Cartier Santos 100 is not the brand new model. After all, the Cartier Santos appeared in 1904, it is the model which for meeting a request from Mr. Cartier’s good friend – the Brazil pilot Albert Santos-Dumont, it is the first Cartier men watch. Hundred years of time passed in a hurry, despite the relentless years, the shape and style of Cartier Santos has not been large changed. And now the the pure black Santos 100, also is visible the original lines faintly. In 2009, Cartier released a black carbon-plated santos 100 which looks like this pure black one. Before it was discontinued, it had been in the Cartier’s catalog for 3 years. However this time, the Cartier is not “the old wine in a new bottle”, there are still some improvements worth exploring.

The old Cartier Santos 100 case is Stainless Steel and is coated with ADLC, in my opinion, it is the best replica watches for men. From the first glance it feels very similar to the 2016 model, but the old model is with simple inner bezel where is not treated by a coating processing only brushed titanium. The new Cartier Santos 100 is solid black with an ADLC carbon coating all over the body, including the inner bezel ( this time is Stainless steel) and the 8 screws. The Crown is also with ADLC coating, a blue stone on the top. The ADLC can be said to be a specific coating used by Cartier, similar to the DLC. The ADLC carbon coating can provide very strong resistance and superior scratch resistance and shock resistance. The hardness of the carbon-based coating material can be compared with diamonds, and also has some flexibility, you could not be afraid that the watch is scratched.

When you are looking at it closely, you will find even if the ADLC coating exists, the other decoration on the cases are not affected including the brushed details and the flanks and the chamfer polishing and  the 8 screws are also processed by polishing process; the black fabric strap seems a extension of the dial, cool and calm. The size of the case reached 51mm * 41.3mm, although sounds a bit scary, surprisingly the feeling of wearing on the wrist is very comfortable and will not easily shift, mainly due to the very appropriate curvature of the watch lugs.

When it comes to the dial, not much to say, it still be used the large Roman digital style, the traditional Cartier font and digital time scale 7 o\’clock Cartier logo, the hands is still the familiar sword-shaped design. So what changed? Yeah, if you are sharp-eyed, the Red second hand would appear at your first glance, which making the full black model not very dark.

In fact, the biggest surprise is hidden inside the watch. The Cartier Santos 100 watch has been used for decades of ETA movements; although it is accurate and reliable, lacking of appropriate sense of luxury. This time, the Cartier Santos 100, covering this Black ADLC watch, will be equipped with Cartier entry-level but from its own movement – cal.1847 mc, a automatic movement with relatively simple structure, the vibration frequency is 4Hz, providing 42 hours power reserve, reliable and durable. Cartier movement in Cartier watches, Im afraid it will be another great mass fervour of Gold. Without comments, the black Cartier Santos is worth cherishing. Buying one for your friends, or husband, or father, they will love it more than words.


The Evolution of Cartier Watch Design

A Cartier watch can always be relied upon to make a fashion statement. Their designs have always managed to be classic and modern at the same time.  They’ve pioneered trends in watch-making that has changed the way we look at timepieces. Let’s take a look at Cartier’s fascinating history and explore the evolution of their watch design.

The origin of Cartier watches has surprisingly similar roots as Rolex watches, both being based in aviation. As a aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont commented to his friend, Louis Cartier, that pocket watches weren’t suited to use during flights and concurrently asked him if he could design something more fitting. Then Cartier filled a gap in the market when he created the first pilot watch for Alberto Santos Dumont. As the watch had a large contrasting dial, Dumont could read it at a glance, without losing focus of his plane’s controls. The Santos watch went on sale in 1911.

Cartier developed the Tank in 1917 during the First World War, when the British utilized tanks in warfare for the first time. The square watch’s design was based on these colossal steel giants and reminiscent of the tanks’ tracks. One special feature of the Tank was the design of its unique lugs, which were part of the case. The strap fits seamlessly on the Tank with no space between it and the case. Cartier presented the American General John J. Pershing with the first prototype. In 1919, the watch came onto the market. The design caught on quickly with Cartier’s unconventional customers. The Tank is available as both a women’s and men’s watch.

The Ballon Bleu was released by Cartier in 2006, a quirky yet elegant addition to the brand’s stable of timeless watches. The name is derived from the two most prominent details of the timepiece—the blue synthetic sapphire ‘cabochon’ that is mounted in the crown, and the spherical ‘balloon’ shape of the case. There are many different Cartier Ballon Bleu Replica watch models and they vary in size, color, price as well as material combinations. Nonetheless, each is immaculately designed and holds very high standards of craftsmanship.

All in all, watches from Cartier embody perfection unlike any other luxury brand. Every Cartier watch is worthy your time and your money.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on Cartier Tank Watches

When Louis Cartier in 1917 draw the outline of the first Tank wrist watch, he broke the shackles of the round watchcase, presenting the new and harmonious design. A century later, elegant charm of Tank watch is as usual and it is perfect. And then wrist watch in the 20th century began to rise, and gradually robbed the pocket watch market (even though the Swiss export statistics shows that, until 1930, the popularity of wrist watch is the same as the pocket watch). From the pocket watch to watch, it gave birth to the new design concept and a variety of different solutions, and some successful design scheme stood out from the crowd.

More than one hundred years ago, it was not easy to connect the round watchcase and straight strap in the form of beautiful design. The focus of the problem lied in the design of the junction, and it needed to ensure the continuity of the case and strap. Louis Cartier (1875-1942) began to look for the answer. He can look at the issue from the perspective of a jeweler, predicted that the future of the wrist watch is in the accessories. He also has a keen insight, and joined hands with Edmond Jaeger. Edmond Jaeger is a brilliant watchmaker, and experienced in the production of small-specification movement.

In 1917, the first Tank wrist watch. After the World War I, Cartier gifted the prototype watch to John Pershing, who in the World War I was the American expeditionary force commander. It is said that the new wrist watch linked with another invention that year, Renault’s tanks, and it is Louis Cartier himself.

In 1919, the Cartier Tank watch listed on sale. And the watch case is square, on behalf of the tank body; both sides of the vertical watch ear, on behalf of the tank track, provided the ingenious way to connect the watch strap. Roman numeral timing scales, rail type minute scales, blue steel pointer, and Mosaic convex circular sapphire crystal winding crown, this groundbreaking design continued inheritance, until now.

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